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Nalgona Pride and Gloria Lucas: A Multi Post Series

We here at La Resistancia have become increasingly concerned with the influence that concepts like postmodernism and relativism and social constructionism have procured over the Chicano/a community. These movements have instilled a distrust in truth on the behalf of our people. Further, these movements in conjunction with the open mic style of this social media age has effectuated a punk-rock style anything goes approach to intellectualism and public discourse. Consequently, this lack of checks-and-balances for would-be community "leaders" has opened the proverbial floodgates between the podium and the community, which in turn has allowed some otherwise wet-behind-the-ears commentators to post at the former. This is not a good consequence.

What results thereby is a less than erudite interlocutor assuming the role of community leader while offering nothing but a swath of misinformation or incoherent body of information for his/her followers that in many cases are equally if not even less knowledgeable of the facts themselves. Add in the variable that this new leader is speaking her words to an ever growing collective body of ears relieved if not already desperate to believe what they are hearing from their newly espoused leader. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? It should. After all, we are (alas) amidst this era of Donald Trump's base whose proverbial armament in the form of fake news and alternative facts effectuates their analogous hijacking of the United States. Their leader, of course, is a dangerous ideologue whose permeation of baseless rhetoric are nothing more than projections of his own insecurities and personal biases. Have we such a figure in the community. The short and obvious answer: No.

Nevertheless, we do have at least a couple, if not a few, ideologues that have gained some recognition from social media to national mainstream media. We say ideologues because these figures tend to permeate misinformation or incoherent ideas as facts with which they intend to influence the community. The names of the previously unnamed notwithstanding-oh, okay, Virgie Tovar is the next target-one person we are referring to is Gloria Lucas. We will commence a series on Lucas's incoherent body of work, not to defame her or Nalgona Pride, but, in order to rectify some of the damage, which for the most part sows the seeds of anti-intellectualism-an infection of the mind we simply do not need in our community. Just look at the state of the country.


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