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Greetings to our readers! We thought we would take a break from our scholarly activities to apologize for not posting any recent entries (since early-August) as well as to give you an update on our plans for future posts. As some of you may or may not be aware, this part of the year is (primarily) the season for submitting papers to regional conferences. Regional conferences can be quite helpful if not entirely vital to finishing a essays before submitting them to academic journals for review and hopefully publishing. And we here at (Viva) La Resistencia are in the midst of completing research if not finishing drafts for submissions. That being said, we are planning on publishing some more entries on the blog beginning 10/27. In fact, it is at this (near) future junction in which our work as community organizers and activists for the Chicano community begins. You see, Chicano/as, it is our scholarship from which we derive our ideas for bettering or protecting the community. It is this work from which we will pursue intellectual discourse or debate with others outside and even within the community.

In fact, our first target comes from within-Gloria Lucas and Nalgona Pride.

See you then,
Viva La Resistencia


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Gloria Lucas, Part 3 of 4 : A Chicana Girl Leading Women to Colonize the Collective Body of Her People

****This part of the series was accepted for workshopping and presentation at the Public Philosophy Writing Workshop at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, which took place between May 18-19th****
For part 3, I'm to redirect our focus a bit from Lucas and her Nalgona Positivity [Pride] by addressing concerns about the body positivity movement in general. Imagine I drive a pickup truck, say, a 1998 Chevy, which requires the action of consuming more fossil fuels than most other types of vehicles. Now, assume I'm a member of a Late-model Chevy Truck Club, whose slogan reads: “Loving my truck means unapologetically filling it with as many fossil fuels as I want.” Clearly, mass consumption of fossil fuels is bad for the environment. However, assume my conscious intent is NOT to pollute the environment, but merely to have fun with my beloved truck. Yet also assume that I'm aware of the negative effects that mass consumption of fossil fuels has on the environmentPerh…

Gloria Lucas Part 2 of 4: A Chicana Girl Attempting to Lead Women

By Jeremy Watkins-Quesada
Recall 'Part 1" of this series in which I offered an anecdote about the spreading of misinformation. The misinformation or 'fake knowledge' in question arose from none other than a world-class, world-renowned expert in evolutionary biology and ethology. Nonetheless, according to Philosopher Erik Reitan, also recall, Dawkins is not an expert in Philosophy, much less the Philosophy of Religion (PoR). This raises the most salient point for our discussion here, for it is not necessarily the case that Reitan's adjudication is the lone basis for doubting Dawkins's philosophic expertise. You see, although Dawkins is a well-trained and likewise skilled evolutionary biologist, he lacks the same kind formal education in Philosophy (in general) and PoR (in particular). Yet, there Dawkins was speaking through his untrained or underdeveloped philosophic skill set as though he were some kind of expert, thereby permeating or spreading through his rea…

Gloria Lucas, Part 1 of 4: A Chicana Girl Among Women

Written by Jeremy Watkins-Quesada As I write this piece I am one part relieved to be blogging again; relieved to be pitting my abilities against an opponent outside the elite class of intellectuals and academics via what is now a conference paper. Yet, at the same time, this drop in level infuses bits of anxiety and frustration in me, as it is not apparent to those who've a right to know who's leading them. Many, too many, Xicana and Latinx  Chicana and Latina females--girls and women alike--are being led into personal disaster if they don't become woke  aware of who is attempting to lead them and where or in which direction they are in fact being led. Let's consider the following anecdote. In his book 'Is God a Delusion?', Philosopher Erik Reitan (a former member of my master's thesis committee) offers an anecdote in which an unnamed colleague of his (I think I know whom, lol) walks into his office with what appears to be a student essay in their hands. The …